Prunotto Barbaresco Montestefano 1985

14% Imported by Wine Imports, CA

Bottle 3307 out of 12,900 total.

No decant. Opened and corked it a couple hours ahead.

"Nice winemaking. Lots of subtle details, finely etched. Dried roses and nuances. Cool, menthol, more complex than average, drying tannins, mildly acidic, light/powerful. Impeccably balanced, not a ripe wine like many 1985's. Adds fruit, gets better, powerful, smooth, suave and very nice. Wow - so cool, menthol, smooth and poignant".

I always thought the Prunotto Riservas were where it's at but this bottle was great. Avoids the whole ripe 1985 thing completely and should age/keep for some time. Very structured, traditional, cool climate wine. Really well made.

With partridge and black trumpet mushrooms - a great pairing.


Prunotto Barbaresco Montestefano 1985.JPG