Just got an e-mail from Rebecca about 4 new Ampelos wines:
FunkyTownWines .

A Piquette, a skin-ferment Albarino, a ClairetteBlanche, and a Carignan. Under a new label called FunkyTown.
Pretty far outside the ordinary of Peter&Becca's wines.

I have, of course, followed Peter&Becca's Ampelos wines from the very start. In fact, I take full credit for getting them interested in wine many yrs ago when we got together w/ mutual friends at Bistro315 in SantaFe & I brought a bunch of RidgeMonteBellos. They were so blown away by the wines that they decided to eventually get into the wine biz. Whilst working for Disney down in SoCal, they bought land up in the SantaYnezVlly and planted their AmpelosVnyd. And the rest, as they say in the movies, is history.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying the FunkyTown wines.