Prunotto Barbaresco Montestefano 1990

13.5% Imported by Winebow

Bottle 5,622 out of 12,700

No real detailed notes at all. Performed as expected. This is much rounder and riper than the 1985 I had recently. A bit muddled in flavor and a touch dull. Some nice strawberry scents. Some nice fruit. Overall, more like a Langhe Nebbiolo than a Barbaresco. Has a lot in common with the 1982 version, which like this, was somewhat unimpressive. I definitely do not see this aging any longer and we didn't decant, which was not a mistake. 1985 was a lot better than the other two. Still have a 1989 to go!

Guess I'm spoiled as the squab was just ok but the mushroom pasta casserole was pretty decent.


Prunotto Barbaresco Montestefano 1990.JPG