Shared this Fri afternoon w/ some Ridge afficianados:
1. Ridge Viognier AdelaidaVNyd/AdelaidaDist/PasoRobles (14.1%; 4 brls; bttld 12/20; Drk: 10/20-10/24-10/26: EB) 2019: Med.light gold colot; lovely perfumed/fragrant pear/peach/Viog/slightly spicy very slight chalky/perfumed talc/bit mineral quite pretty nose; bit soft lightly lush very pretty pear/peach/Viog slight mineral/tangy/perfumed talc elegant/lithe flavor; very long fairly rich lovely lithe/spicy/ strong pear/Viog/peach slight mineral/perfumed talc/slight tangy restrained finish; way far away from DollyParton territory; a rather elegant/restrained but pure expression of Viog; reminds a lot of the TablasCreek Viog but more purity of Viog fruit & less chalky character; a lovely/pretty Viog at a great price. $32.00 (ATP)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a true Ridge unicorn wine, with only 4 brls made.It was offered only to the members of the 3Clubs of Ridge. This, along w/ the several GrenacheBlancs/PasoRobles that Eric has made, are extremely well-crafted Rhone Whites. Don't know if it saw any Amphora exposure or not. Proably the last TN from EricBaugher well see from Ridge is my guess.