Tried these three new Natural wines this weekend:
1. Intergalactic rennersistas Burgenland WW (12%; YoungVines: Chard/Welschriesling/GrunerVeltliner/GWT/MuskatOttonel; 75% skin-contact; no Sulfites addedTessBryantSlctns/Cazadero/CA) Stef Renner/Pannobile/Neusiedlersee/Burgenland/Austria NV (2020): Light yellow bit bronze quite cloudy color w/ some tiny bubbles; rather earthy/rustic some natty/mousey/unclean/funky slight floral/fruity slight phenolic/rustic not very attractive nose; rather pettilant/fizzy fairly earthy/low fruit some natty/funky rather unattractive flavor; soft med. rather fizzy/peteillant rather earthy/low fruit some unclean/natty/bit mousey finish; only a slight amount of phenolic/VM character; a rather unclean/natty PetNat that is way overpriced at $31.00 (KK)
2. LaBoutanche LeSot de l'Ange (Idiot Angel) AOC: Touraine Azay-le-Rideau French Rose Wine (11%-14%; Grolleau; SelectionMassale/CarmelVlly) Quentin Bourse 2020: Pale salmon color w/ lots of tiny bubbles clinging to the side of the glass; rather earthy/rustic/bit loamy slight funky/natty slight floral/dandelion/herbal little fruit nose; quite tart/tangy/some metallic rather earthy/dusty/loamy little fruit slight funky flavor; med. rather tart/tangy/metallic bit herbal/rustic no fruit finish; lots of metallic/tangy character w/ a real paucity of fuit & speaks little of Loire; a rather coarse/earthy/tangy/metallic singularly uninteresting rose, though not particularly unclean or natty.$21.00/Liter (KK)
3. Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia Temprano Vitigni Siculi-Spagnoli VinoRosso/Sicily (12.75%; Tempranillo, maybe Nero d'Avola; ViniBadadalucco.It; HausAlpenzImprts/Edina/MN) Pierpaola Beatriz Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia/Petrosino/Sicily NV (L.144.20): Very dark/near black color; rather earthy/loamy/hot-climate rather rustic some blackberry/Temp/black cherry bit unclean/bretty somewhat interesting nose; soft rather tangy/metallic quite earthy/loamy/mushroomy rustic/coarse slight black cherry/Temp/blackberry/Nero flavor w/ modest rough tannins; med.long quite earthy/loamy/rustic rather sour bit bretty some blackberry/black cherry/Nero flavor w/ some coarse/rough tannins; slight bretty but not at all unclean/natty but pretty coarse/rough/rustic/oafish/hot-climate red not particularly attractive. $23.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. These were three new natural wine that showed up at Kokomans this week, so I of course had to try them.
These were not particularly natty in character nor repulsive like some of those wines can be. They were just nor very attractive nor interesting wines. You can do far/far worse w/ natural wines.