Stroppiana Barolo 1974

13.5% 720 ml

This winery is currently called Cascina Cucco in Serralunga. They bought the vineyards from the Cappellanos in 1967. The 1967 was fantastic. Not to be confused with the current Stroppiana winery.

Cork was stained 2/3's of the way up. This was a very good, classic old barolo. Very much into the universal unified nebbiolo flavor. So much that it was hard to pick much individual flavors out. Lots of fruit left and not very acidic. A little round. I think it should have shown a little edgier. Perhaps the cork contributed to it. Really interesting scents - again hard to pick much out but there was iron or flint, blood and some odd rose scent. I couldn't pick this out as Serralunga but it sure had concentration and impact. The wine is certainly at peak or beyond but will hold for some time. It did not get better once opened. Need to start taking notes again.


Stroppiana Barolo 1974.JPG