We had these for DinDin last night afore to going of to a Hamlet performance:
1. Envidia Cochina Albarino Tete de Cuvee Dd'O: Rias Baixas (13%; On lees; bttld on flower day; www.EladioPineiro.com; btl # 30228 of 57,720; ThinkGlobalWines/SantaBarbara) Frore de Carme/Vilagarcis de Arouss/Spain 2020: Med.dark gold color w/ lots of tiny bubbles on side of glass; rather fragrant/Albarino/floral/carnations some chalky/mineral somewhat spicy bit complex very attractive nose; bit soft fairly rich/lush strong floral/Albarino/carnations/gardenias/spicy light mineral/chalky bit complex very attractive flavor; very long/lingering soft strong floral/carnations/Albarino bit chalky finish; quite a nice Albarino but lacks the bracing acidity & soaring aromatics of some Spanish Albarinos. $30.00
2. SheehanWnry Refosco NewMexico (13.5%) SheenanFamilyWnry/Albq/NM 2017: Med.dark color w/ some bricking; some grapey/herbal/bit rosemary/thyme earthy/loamy slight volatile some pencilly/vanilla/Am.oak some grapey/hot-climate not very interesting nose; rather soft/porky rather hot-climate/grapey bit volatile some earthy/loamy/rustic slight grapey/plummy/herbal/rosemary/pungent flavor w/ light soft/ripe tannins; med.long soft/porky rather rustic/earthy/loamy/hot-climate/grapey bit grapey/herbal/rosemary; a singularly uninteresting hot-climate red that suggests amateurish/rustic winemaking. $23.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Albarino: This wine is farmed BioDynamic but doesn't mention being a natural wine producer. Certainly no natty character was evident. A nice Spanish Albarino but just that, nothing more.
2. Sheehan: This is a wnry located in Albq w/ tasting room in RedRiver. They have vnyds in the Albq area, but also purchase grapes from several small growers in NM. Started by Sean Sheehan, who has worked for a number of NM wineries over a decade. The wines are advertised as "all natural", but I very much doubt they are natural in the sense I know & love/hate.
The grapes for this wine comes from Paola d'Andrea's vnyd down in Deming, a very hot growing area. It tastes very hot-climate in character. Paolo (who has a lot of Italian grapes) planted his Refosco quite a few yrs ago. This was back when UC/Davis had released a Refosco that came from the Jackson Experimental Vnyd. DNA subsequently found that what they were selling as Refosco was indeed Mondeuse. Paola has not done the DNA on his vines and refuses to give me any info on his "Refosco". To me, the wine tastes much more of Mondeuse than Refosco.
The btl had a very hard plastic dipped capsule on the cork. It was a bitch to get off. Doubt I will bother w/ any Sheehan wines again.