We tasted last Wed at Pig+Fig:
1. LimerickLane Riesling ColeRanch/MendoCnty (12.8%) 2018: Med.light gold color; very strong mineral/chalky rather Mosel valve oil very strong R/floral/mango/pineapple rather complex quite Mosel-like beautiful nose; fairly tart pretty much dry bit rich/lush strong R/floral/mango/pineapple rather mineral/chalky bit Mosel valve oil/petrol slight earthy some complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering near dry very strong floral/R/mango somewhat chalky/mineral/steely bit Mosel valve oil/petrol very complex beautiful finish; shows a nice valve oil/petrol character w/ lots of floral/R/mineral fruit; this wine is really developing nicely and should improve for another 5 yrs or more. $36.00
More firkelbarfo from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The standard wine trivia question: What is the smallest AVA in the USofA?? ColeRanch, of course. Less than a quarter square mile in size, it is on the way up to the AndersonVlly in MendoCnty. It was formerly owned by the Esterlina folks, it is now owned by Mike Lucia of RootDownCllrs in Healdsburg. He also makes the brand ColeRanch from the Cab/Merlot/Riesling planted to the ColeRanch. He also has in the works another brand called simply Cole which will focus on Savoie varieties. His RootDownCllrs brands focuses on varietals made from specific vnyds across NorthernCalif.
I think he is regarded as a natural winemaker, but his wines are clean as a whistle. I really like what he is doing.
In addition to LimerickLane, Bedrock also make two Rieslings from ColeRanch. All are outstanding. It's one of the best R vnyds in Calif.