Shared these w/ Susan over the weekend:
1. RogueVine Jamon/Jamon ItataVlly/Chile WW (13.0%; Itata grapes/Moscatel; 60 yr old vines; ; whole bunch frmtd; 7 weeks on; BrazosWineImprts/Brooklyn) 2012: Deep gold/burnished bronze color; strong resiny/VM/phenolic/skin-contact slight appley rather earthy/coarse nose; bit soft fairly strong VM/phenolic/resiny slightly off-dry rather coarse/earthy/loamy/rustic SA/coarse flavor w/ light tannic bite; med.short soft some phenolic/VM/resiny bit tangy/metallic off-dry quite earthy/loamy/coarse/rustic very little fruit finish w/ slight tannins; a rather coarse/loamy ugly SouthAmerican skin-contact white w/ little to recommend it. $16.50 (KK)
2. Dom.Lucien Boillot et Fils LesGrandes Poisots Pinot Beurot AC: Bourgogne (13%; Pinot Gris grape; KermitLynchWines/Berkeley; MeBalP) Dom.Lucien Boillot/Gevery-Chambertin 2019: Pale gold color; strong somewhat appley/melony/almost Chard-like fairly fragrant bit pungent some mineral/chalky quite attractive nose; quite tart/tangy fairly strong PG/appley/melony bit floral some mineral/chalky bit lean/austere quite WhiteBurg rather savory flavor; very long somewhat chalky/mineral some appley/melony/PG slight floral bit austere/savory finish; reminds a lot of a somewhat floral WhiteBurg; some of a less rich/austere AltoAdige PinotGrigio; a rather unusual/interesting rendition of PG; pricey at $44.00 (KK)
3. Vignobles & Compagnie Reserve des Chastelles AC: Tavel (13.5%; RS: 0.2%; PlumeRidgeImprts/Claremont; 2020: Light ruby/dark salmon color; lovely quite fragrant Grenache/strawberry/cranberry/fairly spicy light earthy lovely perfumed nose; fairly tart bit lush strong cranberry/strawberry/Grenache/spicy bit cinammon fairly dry quite attractive flavor w/ light tannins; very long strong Grenache/strawberry/cranberry/spicy light earthy quite pefumed finish w/ light tannins; bit bigger than most roses but a very lovely rose at a great price. $9.00 (TJ)
More fistercloffin from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Pinot Beurot is the Burgundy name for the Pinot Gris. This wine is actually a Volnay Blanc, but this is not a legal grape for that AC. It is often co-planted w/ Pinot Noir & goes into those wines. So this is a pretty rare wine.
2. Reserve Chastelles: This is a Tavel Rose made from Grenache Noir plus Cinsault/Grenache Blanc/Syrah/Carignan right across the Rhone from Chateauneuf des Papes. It is is a TraderJoe's exclusive. Recommended to me by Ryan Maderak/BenedictineCollege in Atchison.