A gift from SteveCostigan we tried Sat:
1. CaseyHartlip GWT LateHrvst OrdwayVnyd/MendoCnty (12%; RS: 15%; Brl frmtd; For Sale in LosAamos Only) Winemaker: GregGraziano 2013: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; very intense GWT/lychee very grapey/passito no botrytis slight earthy fairly complex beautiful nose; fairly tart very rich/lush quite sweet very strong spicy/GWT/lychee bit pencilly/nutmeg quite grapey/passito loads of unresolved sugar fairly complex flavor; very long/lingering intense GWT/lychee/spicy very sweet lightly tart intense grapey/passito some complex finish that goes on&on; an extraordinary Calif passito that is really developing nicely & should go on another 10-15 yrs; a steal at $16.00/hlf
More gozzerfittle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. In 2013; Casey had a block of GWT at Ordway that was unspoken for & was getting riper & riper, so he eventually harvested them and asked Grazie to make the wine for him. Never for commercial sale, it came to us as shiners & my group bought a bunch of cases from Casey. This is an extraordinary expression of a Calif passito wine. The varietal character of the GWT comes thru loud & clear. It is really starting to show a nice complexity & will only get better & better.