It's been awhile since I've had a Calera, so picked this one up to try:
1. Calera PinotNoir CentralCoast (14.4%; Duckhorn Portfolio; C&B by Calera/AmericanCanyon 2018: Med.dark color; strong toasty/smokey/oak fairly strong PN/ripe/black cherry cola/RCCola lightly spicy rather heavy/grapey nose; soft rather rich/lush b;ack cherry cola/PN/RCCola/grapey strong toasty/smokey/oak bit porky/soupy simple flavor w/ light soft tannins; med. fairly soft/soupy black cherry cola/ripe PN/RCCola strong toasty/oak finish w/ light soft tannins; speaks of ripe/soupy PN but lacks the high-toned delicacy of real PN; disappointing. $26.00 (KK)
More kariatomm from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Haven't had a Calera Pinot in probably 10 yrs, back when JoshJensen owned it. I always used to like his CentralCoast Pinot as very expressive of PN in the Calera style & reasonably priced. This one was not that wine. Shouts to me as "spoofalated". Color suggests MegaPurple. Josh would be appalled to see Calera on the label of this wine.