Susan & I tried these two new arrivals over DinDin Fri:
1. Joyce Chard SubmarineCanyon/ArroyoSecco/MontereyCnty (13.5%; Soledad 2020: color; pleasant ripe/melony/Chard light toasty/oak slight Monterey/celery seedrather undistinguished Chard nose; bit soft pleasant/melony/Chard slight herbal/celry seed rather simple flavor; med. simple/Chard/melony/celery seed light toasty/oak/pencilly finish; a thoroughly undistinguished/simple expression of ArroyoSecco Chard. $23.00 (KK)
2. Montesecondo Tin IGT: Trebbiano (11%; Indigenous yeast frmtd; 6 mo. maceration; Aged: Clay vessels; U;; Louis/DressnerSlctns/NY) Silvio Messana/San Casciano Val di Pesa 2015: Pale garnet/bit copper/slight browning color; somewhat earthy/loamy/Kansas root cellar slight floral/marigolds/hollyhocks/pungent slight phenolic somewhat coarse/rustic nose; soft rather earthy/loamy/Kansas root cellar some tangy/metallic slight resiny/VM rather coarse/rustic slight floral/marigolds flavor; med.short some tangy/metallic rather coarse/earthy/loamy slight phenolic/resiny finish w/ some tannic bite; a rather coarse/rustic singularly uninteresting rose wine w/ almost no fruit; way overpriced at $33.00 (AV)
More tittlesquirt from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Joyce: This is the wnry of RussellJoyce, of whom I've never heard. I was attracted to try this wine because I'd never heard of the Submarine Canyon AVA. Turns out, this is just called that to honor the deep underwater canyon in the Monterey Bay. I'd never tried a Joyce wine & found nothing compelling to make me want to try any of their other wines.