Linda brought this dessert wine to Pig+Fig last night:
1. Horton Vidal LateHrvst OrangeCnty/VA (11.5%; stopped frmtn; SaH: 24 Brix;RS: 5.3%) 1992: Very dark gold/burnished bronze color; intense passito/grapey/slight orangey bit earthy slight herbal rather complex intense grapey nose; slightly sweet bit soft intense passito/grapey/bit orangey/honeyed slight earthy/herbal fairly complex flavor; very long/lingering lightly sweet intense grapey/passito slight earthy/herbal/orangey/honeyed finish; no signs of age nor oxidation whatsoever save the color; a wonderful passito that should go another 10-20 yrs.
More peekafreck from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I was mightly impressed by this wine that DennisHorton crafted there in his early yrs. It showed no signs whatsoever of being made from an inferior/hybrid grape. Amazing passito wine.