Quite an interesting article by ChristopherBarnes in GrapeCollective:
G.D.Vajra Barolo
of an interview w/ Giuseppe Vaira. Vajra is one of my favorite Piemonte wineries.
It mentions the their JC Clare (Claret) Nebbiolo as a throwback to Piemonte Nebbiolo in the early 1600's. I think that is going back a bit fur in time. But the JC stands for Jefferson/Corti Cuvee. Some 10 yrs ago, DarrellCorti came across a TN from ThomasJefferson of a Nebbiolo from the Piemonte. He gave it to the Jajra folks and asked them if they could recreate this Nebb. Which they did. And it tastes a lot like the one Thomas & I used to drink together in Paris when he was Ambassador there.
It also talks a lot about their story behind their Riesling. Another of their wines I dearly love.
And it talks about their love for the Freisa grape.

Anyway, an article worth reading.