Took this last night to Pig+Fig for their BastilleDay dinner:
1. Dom.du PetitMetris AC: Coteaux du Layon Chaume (12%; Botique Wine Collection/Philadelphia) Joseph Renouet Fils/St.Aubin du Ligne/Val du Loire 2010: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; intense botrytis/apricotty/orangey/honeyed bit cedary some ripe pear/CB very balanced very complex beautiful nose; somewhat sweet (6%-8% r.s.) intense botrytis/apricotty/very honeyed/orangey lightly tart bit cedary slight earthy very complex flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart very rich/lush/slightly sweet viscous strong botrytis/apricotty/ripe pear/botrytis/honeyed very complex finish that goes on&on; a beautiful Loire botrytis CB.
More pizafurkle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. This was a beautiful example of a mature botrytis Loire CB. The sugar was fully resolved & well-integrated and enough acidity to give it a liveliness and avoiding being cloying. It will probably go out anout 10 yrs I would guess.