Had these three over the last 3 days:
1. Dom.Wachau GrunerVeltliner Federspiel DAC: Wachau Trocken (12.0%; Qualitatswein; LN 7658/21; www.Domaene-Wachau.At; Gonzalez Byass/Chicago) Durnstein 2020: Med.light gold color w/ lots of bubbles clinging to the side of the glass; fairly strong GV/white pepper/quite spicy light chalky/mineral bit complex very perfumed/aromatic lovely nose; quite tart/tangy/slight steely very strong GV/white pepper/very spicy fairly rich/lush maybe slightly off-dry (0.2%-0.4% r.s.) slight mineral/chalky/earthy some complex very attractive flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart/steely strong GV/white pepper/spicy slight mineral/earthy lovely finish; a very attractive 4-square Austrian GV w/ lovely aromatics at a very good price; should go another 5-8 yrs. $23.50 (KK)
2. Casa Jipi 100% Nebbiolo (13.5%; Lot CJT20; LaCompeutancia Imprts/Napa) Compania Enologade Evolucion SAPI/Rancho Llano Colorado/Valle de San Vicente/Ensenada/BajaCalif 2020: Very dark color; strong plummy/grapey very slight Nebb/floral/lilacs rather earthy/rustic/dusty/OV/loamy bit musky somewhat interesting nose; soft very earthy/dusty/rustic/loamy/root cellar fairly plummy/grapey rather coarse quite tannic/hard/rugh slight toasty/oak no Nebb flavor w/ ample coarse tannins; med.long very coarse/rough/earthy/loamy some plummy/grapey light toasty/oak flavor w/ ample coarse tannins; more like a ContraCosta Mourv but w/ rough/coarse tannins; no resemblance to anything Italian; a coarse/rough Mexican red but nothing else. $26.00 (KK)
3. Ryme Aglianico Passito LunaMattaVnyd/PasoRobles (13.2%; RS: 16.1%) 2014: Dark color w/ some browning; very strong grapey/ripe boysenberry/licorice/bit Aglianico fairly ripe/late hrvsty/bit raisened some complex interesting nose w/ no oxidation; somewhat soft bit alcoholic/raisened/late hrvsty strong PR/jammy/boysenberry/plummy/licorice some raisened/pruney quite sweet slight metallic/tangy some complex flavor w/ light tannins; very long somewhat raisened/pruney/late hrvsty strong PR/jammy/boysenberry/licorice/Aglianico bit hot/alcoholic/fumey bit complex finish w/ light ripe tannins; speaks mostly of PR/late hrvst but the licorice suggests Aglianico; starting to show lots of raisened/pruney character and not likely to improve anymore.
More gefferslitter from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I frequently read about Baja Nebbiolo as being the next great wine from Mexico and will soon become its signature grape. This wine lends zero support to that claim. It tastes for all the world like Nebb grown in some area it has no business being planted.
2. Ryme makes one of the very best Aglianicos in Calif; a pretty rugged/structured red. This wine is a one-off (I believe) they made from late hrvst Aglianico grapes. The grapes came from the LunaMattaVnyd on WestSide Paso, a vnyd of John & Joanie Ahner, farmed by Stephy Terrizzi of Giornata. It is/was planted to a lot of very interesting varieties. Alas, it was sold recently to the Daou folks who went in and ripped it all out for...gag...Cabernet/Merlot/Bdx varieties. What a crying shame.