Had these three over the weekend:
1. Camp Chard SonomaCnty (12.9%; www.CampWines.com) SantaRosa 2021: Light gold color; pleasant floral/Chard/melony/apples/pear rather simple lightweight nose; lightly tart/tangy/lemony light Chard/melony/appley no oak pleasant/rather simple flavor; med. lightly tart light Chard/appley/lemony/bit melony slight earthy/finish; a varietally correct Chard but pretty simple/dull/bland; one small step above CharlesShaw; a bit overpriced at $17.50 (KK)
2. Pascal Janvier AC: Jasnieres Cuvee du Solex WW (13.5%; KermitLynchImprts/Berkeley; CheninBlanc) Ruille/Val du Loir/LoireVlly 2020: Med.light gold color; very strong mineral/gunflint/flinty/steely some pear/CB/bit pear blossom/floral very terroir-driven nose; very tart/tang bit metallic/steely very flinty/gunflint some pear/floral/CB/understated fruit quite minerally some complex flavor; mvery long/lingering quite steely/minerally/gunflint very racy/taut some CB/floral/pear blossom some complex totally dry but not pinched/austere finish; a bracing/crisp/steely/flinty terroir-driven expression of CB; a beautiful expression of CB; good value at $23.00 (SFW&S)
3. Ziva Vina Stekar Sivi Pinot (12.5%; www.VinaStekar; BonVivantImprts; 100% PinotGrigio) Jure Stekar/Snezatno/GoriskaBrda/Slovenia/Kojsko 2020: Med.golden/burnished bronze rather cloudy color; very strong phenolic/resiny/ViniMacerati light floral/PG bit honeyed/honey grahms somewhat complex nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit metallic strong resiny/phenolic/VM slight PG/floral/honeyed/honey grahams/graham crackers bit tannic/austere slightly rich/lush flavor w/ light bitey tannins; long strong phenolic/VM/resiny light floral/PG/honey grahams lightly floral/PG dry/somewhat austere/tannic finish; dominated by the VM character but some richness & not all that austere; needs 4-10 yrs; fairly priced at $21.50 (KK)
More erkafricker from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The Camp line of HoboWineCompany is designed to showcase the value end of SonomaCnty by Kenny Likitprakong.
2. The Jasnieres AC in Val de Loir (a small tributory to the Loire River) is the northernmost & one of the sallest ACs in the Loire. Whites are CheninBlanc & reds Pineau duAunis & CabFranc.
3. There are two Stekars in Snezatno, Hisa Stekar & Kmetija Stekar. Iv'e stayed/tasted at the Kmetija one & like his wines quite a bit. This wine is made w/ 30 days skin contact. It is a natural wine w/ no added SO2, but is clean as a whistle & has absolutely no natty character.
The wine was served at cool temperatures & was dominated by the VM character & rather austere on te palate. As it warmed to room temperature, it became much more attractive on the palate and not nearly as austere/tannic.