Tried these two last night:
1. Nusserhof Bl.te.le Vino Bianco (11.5%; Blatterle grape; Lot 2019; LDM Wines/NY) Heinrich Mayr/Bozen/AltoAdige NV (2019?): Light gold color; quite fragrant floral/herbal/spicy/carnations/bit SB-like light earthy/chalky bit complex some Kerner-like quite attractive nose; lightly tart somewhat rich/lush some floral/carnations/herbal bit Kerner-like some earthy/chalky/mineral rather attractive/interestingflavor; very long lightly tart somewhat rich/lush rather floral/herbal/Kerner-like/earthy bit chalky/mineral quite interesting finish; not a profound or intensely fruity white & resembles Kerner more than anything but a quite interesting & attractive white. $29.50 (KK)
2. Nusserhof Elda VinoRosso (12%; L2015; 100% Schiava) Bozen NV (2015?): Med.light color; very strong floral/strawberry/rose petal light earthy/slightly loamy rather Ruche-lie some complex lovely nose; lightly tart some earthy/loamy strong strawberry/floral light-bodied bit complex flavor w/ light gentle tannins; very long some earthy/loamy lightweight strawberry/floral/rose petal bit rustic finish w/ light tangy tannins; a rather lightweight earthy/floral rather aromatic red that resembles some Ruche w/o the tannins or Frappato; a quite pleasant easy-drinking red. $45.00 (KK)
More fleezerhoff from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Blatterle is a very obscure grape grown around Bolzen, with Mayr being the only remaining producer. For a number of yrs, they labeled it as Blaterle because Blatterle is not an authorized grape in the AltoAdige. But they were cited for fraud because that name is too close to Blatterle. So they changed their labeling to the current form.
Schiava also goes by the name Vernatsch & Trollinger. In Trentino/AA, it actually refers to a number of similiar varieties.
These Mayr wines comes thru LouisDressner which carries a lot of natural wines. The wnry, however, does not identify themselves as a natural wine producer. Both of these were clean as a whistle w/ no natty character whatsoever.