Tried these three over the last two days:
1. Winemaker'sFolly VinoBianco Chapter 1 (13.8%; 80% Chard/20% Riesling/GWT/TrousseauGris/GrenacheBlanc/Berger) LimerickLane/Healdsburg 2019: Light gold color; attractive melony/Chard bit floral/carnations slight R/mango/GWT rather fruity quite pleasant nose; lightly tart fairly strong melony/ripe/Chard light floral/carnations/R/mango pleasant flavor; long fairly strong melony/Chard lightly floral/carnations/R finish; a pleasant enough mostly Chard WW but just that.
2. Forlorn-Hope Amerikanischen Kobold Riesling KickOnRanch/LosAlamos (11.80%; 137 cs) MatthewRorick/Murphys 2014: Med.light gold color; strong very mineral/chalky/stony rather R/floral/mango slight pungent/petrol fairly interesting attractive nose; very tart/tangy rather metallic/steely fairly stony/mineral light R/floral somewhat lean/austere/eviserated slight pungent/petrol flavor; med.long quite tart/tangy/metallic rather austere/lean/eviscerated slight R/mango fairly stony/chalky finish; quite a nice/attractive Calif R nose but fails to deliver on the palate; rather lean/eviscerated.
3. 6 Degree Elemento Orange (17%; Macabeo grape; 250 days skin contact w/ raisened grapes; 24 mo. in Fr.oak; 1,600 btls;; BonVivantImprts/Boise/ID) VinoSextoElemento/Valencia/Espana 2018: Deep golden/burnished bronze quite cloudy color w/ loads of flocculant sediment; very strong phenolic/resiny/VM some earthy light floral/grapey/bit late harvesty some orangey/honey grahams slight pencilly/oak somewhat complex nose; soft fairly sweet (6%-8% r.s.?) very rich/lush quite honeyed/very orangey/honey grahams some phenolic/VM/skin-contact slight tangy/metallic some old passito/Vignalta Fior d'Arancio quite complex flavor; very long/lingering slightly bitter very orangey/honey grahams slight phenolic/VM/resiny some old passito/late harvesty quite complex finish w/ light bitter tannins; lots of VM/skin-contact character in the nose but much like an old passito on the palate; reminds some of a Bual Madeira w/o the alcohol; reminds some of an old Vignalt Fior d'Arancio passito orange muscat; develops a very slight natty/mousey character overnight; quite an interesting late harvest white w/ only a bit of VM character; a bit on the pricey side at $61.31/500 ml (KK)
More tirpatone from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. 6 Degree: This is a rather bizarre but interesting late hrvst wine. BonVivant is an importer that specializes in natural wines. The 6 Degree website indicates that they follow natural winemaking techniques but don't label themselves as such. The wine certainly didn't show much, if any, natty character. Quite an interesting if pricey dessert wine.