Tried these two w/ Susan last weekend:
1. Pomalo Wine Company Grasevina Slavonja (12.0%; 100% Grasevina; Vinum/USA/BaskingRidge/NJ) P&B by Peninsula D.O.O./Donja Banda/Oskerusno/Slavonia/Croatia 2021: Some orange/bronze very cloudy/hazy color w/ tons of flocculent sediment; strong spoilded cider/sweaty armpits/toe jam rather nutty/oxidative fairly unclean/funky rather phenolic/VM/skin-contact rather unpleasant nose; quite bitter/sour/acidic rather oxidative/very natty/unclean/mousey/funky pretty foul/unpleasant flavor; very long very natty/unclean/funky/mousey rather oxidative quite phenolic/VM/spoiled cider finish; one of the foulest/unpleasant natural wines I've had; dreadful stuff & pretty much undrinkable; other than that, highly recommended as a natural wine. $25.00 (BigMood/KC)
2. Union Sacre Wines GWT LosOsitosVnyd/ArroyoSeco (12.3%; Dry; Unfltrd;; 40 days on the skins) Philip Muzzy/Xavier Arnaudin; Union Sacre Wines/PasoRobles 2021: bronze rather hazy/cloudy color; rather fragrant GWT/hair oil/lychee light phenolic/VM/resiny/fairly cidery slight natty/funky rather rustic nose; soft slightly bitter some GWT/lychee/hair oil light VM/phenolic/fairly resiny slightly bitter slight natty/funky/bit mousey finish; speaks distinctly of GWT w/ some VM character & slight natty character; a rather interesting expression of GWT.
$25.00 (BigMood/KC)
More vottaberkel from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Union Sacre is a new wnry for me. Started in PasoRobles by Philip Muzzy & Xavier Arnaudin.The claim to be inspired by the wines of Alsace. This wine didn't speak particularly of Alsace to me. They make an interesting range of wines & I will probably try more of them.