Had these two over the last few days:
1. Cantina Tramin GWT DOC: Sudtirol/AltoAdige (14.5%; WinebowImprts/NY) Cantina Tramin/Termeno/Bolzano 2020: Med.light gold color; strong very perfumed quite spicy/GWT/lychee some hair-oil slight mineral/perfumed talc bit complex very old-timey Alsace very fragrant nose; fairly tart/tangy some rich/lush fairly (0.4%-0.6% r.s.?) dry quite spicy/GWT/lychee/cheap hair-oil light chalky/perfumed talc some complex flavor; very long/lingering rich/lush near dry strong GWT/hair oil/lychee/spicy slight perfumed talc some complex finish; loads of GWT varietal character; resembles an old-timey Alsatian GWT pushing into VT territory; quite a good Alsatian-like GWT at a very good price. $23.00 (KK)
2. Cantina Tramin GWT Nussbaumer Dd'OC: Sudtirol/AltoAdige (14.5%) 2019: Med.dark gold color; strong lychee/GWT/spicy/rather ripe slight hair-oil slight perfumed talc slight complex fairly fragrant nose; fairly soft rich/lush subtle/lychee/GWT/some off-dry (0.4%-0.7% r.s.?) quite ripe slight perfumed talc bit simpler flavor; long soft rather rich/lush/ripe some lychee/GWT/subtle/restrained off-dry bit simple finish w/ slight bitterness; pushing into VT territory & Z-H style and not as interesting but more subtle than the regular. $37.00 (KK)
More tramfoddle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I liked both of these GWT quite a lot. I actually preferred the regular GWT as being more interesting & old-timey Alsace. The Nussbaumer was a bit simpler, more ripe, and pushing into VT/Z-H territory. And not as good a value.