CaseyHartlip was in town last week & brought these two Gruners that he grew at Ordway/ValleyFoothillsVnyd:
1. Windchaser Sparkling GrunerVeltliner VllyFoothillsVnyd 2021: Med.light gold color; quite fragrant GV/bit white pepper quite pretty aromatic nose; lightly tart slightly petillant some floral/GV/white pepper quite dry flavor; med.long lightly petillant some subtle floral/GV/white pepper finish; quite a pretty fragrant GV petillant wine.
2. Windchaser GrunerVeltliner VllyFoothillsVnyd/AndersonVlly ( 2021: Light gold color; rather quiet/subtle floral/carnations/GV/white pepper/spicy very attractive nose; tart quiet/low-key classic GV/white pepper/spicy/floral slight metallic attractive flavor; very long classic GV/white pepper/floral slight mineral/chalky finish; a lovely rather quiet/elegant/subtle expression of GV.
More skrikleschmalz from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Windchaser is a Berkeley-located (next to Donkey&Goat) urban wnry operated by Dave Gifford, specializing in natural wines, though he doesn't wear it on his sleeve. Casey has been selling Dave his Gruner for several yrs now. The PetNat is probably the first GV PetNat made in the USofA. Both of these '21 have not yet been released. I expect they will put on some weight with some age.