Tried these over the last two days:
1. Aeris EtnaBianco Superiore Carricante Sicily (12.2%; RhysVnyd/LosGatos) P by I.Vigneri/Ragusa; B by Salvo Foti 2016: Med.light gold color; slight funky/reductive strong mineral/stony/chalky slight floral/carnations/dandelions/zinnias/pungent rather interesting some complex nose; rather tart/tangy/steely quite mineral/stony/chalky/flinty light floral/dandelions/zinnias/pungent some metallic very saline/savory bit strange/interesting flavor; long quite mineral/chalky/stony rather metallic/steely slight floral/marigolds/pungent/saline some complex finish; a very terriot-driven saline/savory white that's rather interesting but a paucity of fruit & not altogether pleasurable to taste.
2. Aeris Bianco CentennialMtnVnyd/Calif (12.0%; Carricante) KevinHarvey/RhysVnyd/Ukiah/MendoCnty 2017: Light gold color; some earthy/mineral/metallic light floral/dandelions slightly spicy pleasant nose; quite tart/tangy light floral/dandelions/carnations rather lean/savory/brisk some metallic/steely interesting flavor w/ not a lot of fruit; long quite tart/tangy bit lean/savory rather mineral/saline/chalky/metallic/steely lightly floral/dandelions/carnations somewhat pinched/eviscerated finish; really lacking fruit but in the style of the Etna but not quite that savory or eviscerated; not particularly that pleasant to taste on its own.
More pottsfillo from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. These are two whites from KevinHarvey. He is very passionate for Carricante and has the first planting of that variety in this country. Both these wines were not pleasant to taste on their own and badly need food to go along with them. That said, I found them quite interesting and they have their place. It strikes me that Carricante would be a good blending grape to give backbone & minerality to another variety, if you're not a purist.