Over the last few months whilst his son was living with them, Kent worked his way thru all of the Pinots that he's made. Here's what he found:
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86, 87 - Both still fabulous. I think that the 1987 was the best PN I ever made....which is funny because it went through a horrible funky period right when we released it and I took it off the market.
88 - +/- - nice, but very old
89 - Very very good. Another interesting issue. I have always thought of 1989 as the only BAD vintage in Napa during my 45 years as a winemaker (there have been a few mediocre ones however). The issue with 89 was that we had a horrible storm in mid September (5 inches of rain in 5 hours!!!!). Until then it had been a picture-perfect harvest. Pretty much everything swelled-up (most everyone dry farmed in those days), blew up and then rotted. HOWEVER the few grapes that had already been picked (including this PN) were fantastic.
90 - no stock
91, 92, 93 all dead and gone
94 - still nice, but teetering
95 very very good on two bottles and pretty so-so on a third
96 and 97 (We made a "regular" and a "reserve" both years) - all were still good, but not great
98 - wonderful and holding
99 - ok
2000 - crap (I always say that vintage 2000 had the shortest possible run as "vintage of the century")
01 - nice but teetering
2002 - nice
2003, 2004, 2005, all nice and holding
2006 and 2007 - Both very good, but showing signs of not holding much longer.
2008 - no stock
2009 and 2010 - both still lovely and holding well.

What is interesting in this is that, other than the run in the early 90s, all these wines were still good drinking plus-or-minus. It says a lot about Carneros PN!!! Sadly, Carneros has tarnished as a PN appellation in recent years. It is too bad, as I think it has a lot more legs than some of the current favorite appellations, especially in Sonoma....but as we all know....in the wine industry marketing is often more indicative of quality than reality.

I was amused by his comment on marketing. From a guy who was sort of an anti-marketing guy.