Tried these two on Fri:
1. E.Guigal AC: Cotes du Rhone Blanc (14.5%; Vintus Imprts/Pleasantville/NY;; 60% Viognier/15% Roussanne/10% Marsanne/8% Clairette/5% Bourboulenc/2% Grenache blanc) Ampuis 2018: color; vety fragrant pear/Viog/quite floral/gardenias light chalky/perfumed talc quite spicy/cardamon bit complex beautiful nose; bit soft rather rich/lush/ripe very strong pear/Viog/floral/gardenias/pear blossoms slight chalky/perfumed talc bit complex rather ripe lovely flavor; very long/lingering soft rich/lush/ripe pear/pear blossom/floral/Viog/gardenias slight chalky/perfumed talc some complex finish; loads of rich/ripe Viog character w/o straying into DollyParton territory; should hold for another 2-5 yrs. $17.50 (KK)
2. Weingut Carl Ehrhard Old School Riesling Feinherb Rheingauer Landwein (11.5%; 30 yr old Estate vnyds; SkopertaImprts/ClevelandHeights/OH) Carl Ehrhard/Rudesheim/Rhein 2020: Med.light gold color; strong floral/R/mango/pineapple slight valve oil/petrol slight pencilly lovely very aromatic nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit metallic slightly off-dry (0.2%-0.5% r.s.?) some rich/lush strong R/mango/pineapple light perfumed talc slight petrol lovely flavor; very long lush/ripe/rich strong floral/R/pineapple/mango slight perfumed talc lovely finish; quite a nice expression of Reinhessen R at a very good price; probably will benefit from 1-3 yrs yet. $20.00 (KK)
More girpgrdle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. It's been a few yrs since I've tried the Guigal CdR Blanc. The early ones were mostly Marsanne/Roussanne and nice for those type of grapes. Over the yrs, they have been upping the amount of Viog used, and it shows. Not a profound Viog, but great drinking at a very attractive price.