Susan & I tried these three last night:
1. Kontozisis Organic Vnyds Malagousia Dry WW (13.5%; Bio;; Eklektikon Imprts) KontozisisVnyds/Karditsa/Greece 2020: Med.dark gold color w/ lots of tiny bubbles clinging to the sides of the glass; rather earthy/chalky some honeyed/honey comb/honeygrahams somewhat musky fruit interesting/unusual nose; bit soft rich/lush rather musky/pungent/bit metallic some earthy/.loamy little fruit rather coarse flavor; med.long earthy/loamy/coarse soft rich/lush bit tangy/metallic somewhat musky/pungent slight honeycomb/honey grahams finish; a rather strange musky/coarse/rustic white that is not very attractive on its ownbut would probably be OK w/ Greek food. $23.50 (KK)
2. Rebuttel Chard Calif (13.5%; RS: 0.44%; Rebuttel Wnry/Manteca 2021: Pale gold color; simple Chard/melony/apple some toasty/oak pleasant enough nose; rather soft simple Chard/melony/appley light toasty/pencilly/oak rather dull flavor; med.short soft melony/Chard light toasty/oak rather dull/simple/bit vapid finish; a pretty dull/boring expression of industrial grade Chard; overpriced at $7.00 (TJ)
3. Castelmaure LaBuvette VdF (14.5%; 60% Grenache/40% Carignane; KyselaImprts/Winchester/VA) Castelmaure/Embres & Castelmaure/Corbieres/Languedoc-Rousillon NV: Med.dark color; fairly fragrant strawberry/cherr rather earthy/dusty/OV slightly spicy fairly attractive if rustic nose; soft some tangy/metallic fairly strong strawberry/Grenache rather earthy/loamy/rustic bit coarse flavor w/ light rough tannins; fairly long some strawberry/Grenache rather earthy/loamy/rough somewhat rustic finish w/ light rough tannins; a pleasant enough rather earthy/rustic Grenache that speaks of Languedoc.
$14.00 (Prima IlC)
More kitterlesnot from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I was doing some bottom feeding at TJ's on Sat & needed a white for our ChacrouteGarnie, saw this wine I didn't recognize, so sprung for it. The wine appears to be a TJ's exclusive. Their WebSite offers precious little information, other than they have been farming grapes in Manteca since 1924, but doesn't identify the folks behind it.