Had these two whites last night:
1. Forlorn-Hope Picpoul HaugVnyd/NapaVlly (12.06%; 43 cs) MatthewRorick/Fairfield 2013: Med.gold color; rather fragrant floral/carnations/Picpoul slight spicy/cumin/cardamon some chalky/stony bit complex quite attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy some floral/carnations rather rich/lush for Picpoul light stony/chalky/bit metallic quite interesting still fresh flavor; very long fresh/brisk rather floral/gardenias/Picpoul some stony/chalky/mineral bit complex quite attractive finish; rather rich/lush for Picpoul; speaks strongly of Picpoul w/o the high acidity.
2. PierreSparr One AC: Alsace (13%; 40% Muscat/40% Riesling/20% PinotGris; www.Vins-Sparr.com; Wilson-Daniels/Napa) Beblenheim 2019: Med.yellow color; strong very fragrant/mild muscatty floral/slight R/mango slight mineral/chalky lovely perfumed nose; lightly tart near dry (0.2%-0.4% r.s?) bit rich/textured fairly strong muscatty/R/mango/floral slight mineral/steely quite lovely flavor; very long/lingering some quiet muscatty/hair oil some R/mango/floral bit mineral/chalky near dry finish; speaks mostly of Muscat w/ a quiet voice but not an in-your-face perfumed muscat; quite a lovely Alsatian Edelzwicker at a great price. $14.40 (Prima IlC)
More kricklehoff from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I was impressed at how well this Picpoul of Matt's had evolved. In its youth, it lived up to the Picpoul name (lip stinger because of very high acidity) and was pretty hard/austere/bit eviscerated. But it's a good example of a wine that's put on weight w/ some age. Reminds now a lot of the TablasCreek Picpoul.
2. The Sparr was from my recent Prima Il Consorzio shipment. I was pretty impressed, one of the best values in Alsace in quite some time. Will go back & order a case more.