Tried these three over the last two days:
1. Forlorn-Hope Dragone Ramato PinotGris RorickVnyd/CalaverasCnty (11.07%; 25 cs) Fairfield 2013: Some garnet/red bit burnished bronze color; rather fragrant some floral/PG spicy/cinammon/cloves honeyed/honey grahams light phenolic/VM/resiny quite complex exotic nose; quite tart/tangy rather tannic/austere little fruit some resiny/VM/phenolic bit spicy/cinammon/cloves/floral rather savory/saline flavor w/ light tannic bite; very long slight floral bit tannic/austere some honeyed/graham cracker slight phenolic/VM bit spicy/cinammon/cloves rather savory exotic/interesting/unusual finish w/ light tannic bite; quite an interesting savory ramato that can still benefit from 2-5 yrs of age; has really evolved into a complex wine since release.
2. WindGap PinotGris WindsorOaksVnyd/ChalkHill/SonomaCnty (12 1/2%; 10 brls/233 cs; #345) Sebastopol 2012: Light rose/garnet slight bronze color; some phenolic/VM/resiny light floral/PG/carnations/marigold spicy/cinammon/cloves slight honeyed/graham cracker bit earthy quite interesting complex rather fragrant/perfumed lovely nose; lightly tart/tangy slight VM/phenolic/resiny lightly floral/PG/marigolds/pungent lightly spicy/cloves/pungent bit honey grahams complex flavor w/ very slight tannic bite; very long/lingering light floral/PG/marigolds very slight VM/phenolic slight honey grahams complex finish w/ light smooth tannins; a very interesting perfumed Ramato; don't see any reason to hold it longer.
3. WindGap PinotGris WindsorOaksVnyd/ChalkHill/SonomaCnty (12%; 6 brls/144 cs; #0928; Sebastopol 2013: Light rose/garnet some bronze color; somewhat more floral/PG/marigolds slight earthy lightly spicy/cloves lovely fragrant nose; more tart/tangy slight VM/phenolic light floral/PG/marigolds bit complex flavor w/ light tangy tannins; pretty much the same as the '12 w/ a bit more aromatic/floral & a bit more tart on the palate.
More boiterkrung from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. All three of these Ramatos were very similar in character, three peas in a pod. I slightly preferred the WG '13 for fresher fruit. All three need to be served at cool room temperature, rather than cold rose temperature, to take the edge off the tannic bite. And all three badly need food to accompany them.

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