Brian always used to say to drink his pinots early. And I think most of us found to the contrary that they rewarded some aging (at least I did). There may be, however, a point of diminishing returns as I found tasting these three bottles.

2008 Loring Pinot Noir Clos Pepe Vineyard Santa Rita Hills

Easily the best of these three wines. Dark red, translucent. Some nice cherry, blackberry aromas. Nice black cherry fruit on the palate, bit one dimensional at this point in its life. Fine tannins, nice acidity, decent balance. Finishes long but harsh with dark fruits. Past prime but still drinkable. Loved these in their youth."B"

2007 Loring Pinot Noir Keefer Ranch Green Valley

Dark red color, translucent. Not much on the nose. Sharp strawberry fruit, bit hot on the palate (14.3% ABV). Sharp tannins, good acidity, fair balance. Finishes short, green and hot. Well past prime. "C"

2006 Loring Pinot Noir Aubaine Vineyard San Louis Obispo County

Translucent red with some browning. Slightly spicy nose. Cherries on the palate, bit harsh, bit of heat (14.1% ABV). Fine tannins, harsh acidity, out of balance. Finishes long with muddy cherry, strawberry notes. Well past prime. "C-" (and I'm probably being generous).