Tried these three over the weekend:
1. LaPetitChambord AC: Cheverny/Loire Vendage a la Main (14%; 70% SauvBlanc/30% Chard; LouisDressner/NY) FrancoisCazin/LaPetitChambord/Cheverny 2020: Med.light gold color; strong pear/spicy/floral/SB/slight herbal rather Loire/chalky/stony/mineral quite pretty nose; quite tart/tangy strong mineral/stony bright/spicy/SB/pear fairly rich classic Loire flavor; very long rather mineral/stony/chalky bright SB/pear/floral finish; a pretty expression of Loire SB that actually resembles CB somewhat; very good price at $21.50 (KK)
2. TiVitti DOC: Inzolia Menfi (12.5%; www.CantineBarbera.It; 36 hrs skin contact) MarilenaBarbera/Menfi/Sicily 2021: Med.light gold color; lots of tiny mesmerizing bubbles; lightly floral/carnations/dandelions slight stony/metallic bit earthy/dusty slight phenolic/resiny/VM attractive/interesting nose; quite tart/tangy fairly VM/phenolic/resiny some stony/metallic very light floral/dandelions bit austere flavor w/ slight tannic bite; med.long tart/tangy/metallic some VM/phenolic some stony/earthy bit austere/lean finish w/ light tannins; a quite pleasant floral nose but the VM clearly comes thru on the palate; an attractive VM-Lite. $20.50 (KK)
3. Forlorn-Hope Kirschenmann PinotGris KirschenmannVnyd/Lodi (11.97%; 47 cs) MattRorick/Fairfield 2012: Some burnished bronze/garnet/Ramato color; strong floral/PG/carnations light spicy/cloves/jumiper berries some complex nose; bit soft slight tangy/metallic some floral/PG/carnations/rose petal slight earthy fairly complex flavor w/ slight tannic bite; very long/lingering some spicy/cloves/juniper berries bit floral/PG/carnations slight honeycomb some complex finish w/ light tannins; quite an interesting fully mature Ramato.
More biddyshankle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I really liked the F-H Ramato. It is a good example of a wine that was very phenolic & austere at release that has put on weight & developed quite nicely into a fully mature Ramato.