We had these two interesting wines at Laura's SouthAmerica Dinner at Pig+Fig last night:
1. Livvera Bequignol ElZampal Valle de Uco/Argentina (13%; www.EscalaHumanaWines.com; BrazosWineImports/Brooklyn) German Masera/EscalaHumanaWines/Tupungato/Mendoza/Argentina 2020: Med.dark color; rather fragrant strawberry/Brachetto-like slight earthy/herbal quite attractive nose; fairly tart some floral/strawberry/cranberry/Brachetto-like some earthy/herbal/Cab-like somewhat structured bit complex flavor w/ modest bitey tannins; very long somewhat perfumed Brachetto/Cab-like structured finish w/ modest tannins; reminds some of Brachetto from the perfume but has the herbal structured character of a Cab; quite an interesting red.
2. Bodega ElPovenir de Cafayate Amauta Absoluto Torrentes Dulce(10.0%; RS: 4%; www.ElPorvenirDeCafayate.com; BrazosWineImprts) Uvas del Valle/Salta/Argentina 2021: Med.gold color; very strong very perfumed/almost muscatty/some cheap hair oil lovely nose; somewhat sweet strong hair oil/bit muscatty very floral/Torrentes bit soft lush/rich bit simple flavor; long rather floral/Torrentes some chaep hair perfumed finish; quite a nice dessert wine but a bit on the soft side. $14.00
More grifferslip from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Bequignol: A new variety for me. Originally, long ago, used in Bdx blends to give color. Abandoned in Bdx, though still authorized. The last holdout for the grape in France was in the SouthWest, but vanishing there as well. The only sizeable plantings now are in Mendoza/Argentina. Also know as Red Chenin, for reasons I can't track down. DNA indicates it an offspring of Savignan. This is probably the only 100% Bequignol that enters the USofA. I liked this wine quite a bit. It has a fragrance that reminded me some of a Brachetto/Cabernet blend. But much more body & structure than you find in a Brachetto; a wine which is pretty much just another pretty face.
2. This was a special wine dinner of South America put on by Laura & Holly at Pig+Fig, featuring wines of South America. Curated by Michael Romero of Synergy Wines, who did an excellent job of presenting the wines. The meal was, once again, outstanding.
I'm not a big fan of most SouthAmerica wines, other than Torrentes. I find them oftentimes a bit on the coarse/oafish side. I particularly don't much care for SA Malbec. But the one last night was one of the better ones I've had w/ more finesse & high-toned character than the grape usually shows. Still, it was my least favorite wine of the evening.
The meal was, as usual, terrific...a great survey of SouthAmerican-style dishes.