Made my infrequent foray out to TotalWines to do a bit of bottom feeding:
1. Weissenkirchen GrunerVeltliner DAC: Wachau (12.0%; Trocken; SarantyImprts/Stamford/CT) Durnstein 2021: color w/ some tiny bubbles; very light floral/GV/slight white pepper slight spicy/earthy pleasant bit simple near vapid nose; soft slight tangy/metallic very light GV/floral/white pepper slight earthy rather simple quite dull/vapid/dilute flavor; short light GV/white pepper/floral slight tangy/metallic rather vapid/simple/dilute/watery finish; speaks of GV with a whisper; an utterly dull/vapid expression of Austrian GV; overpriced at $23.00 (TW)
2. Golf Rivaner Tauberfranken/Baden (11.5%; trocken; Q; AP.Nr. 052 34 22; Saranty Imprts) JosephDeppisch/Markhesdenfeld/Baden 2021: Light gold color; light floral/pineapple/bit R-like/vaguely fruity some earthy pleasant enough nose; soft vaguely fruity/R-like/floral rather simple/fruity/vapid slight tangy/metallic flavor; med.short light vaguely fruity/bit R-like/floral rather dull/vapid finish; doesn't even rise to the level of a BlueNun Liebfraumilch; a simple dull/watery/vapid white and overpriced at $17.00 (TW)
3. Ch.Miselle Ad'OP: Sauternes (13%; SarantyImprts/WhitePlains/NY) Dulong/Landiras 2019: Deep golden color; strong ripe Semillon/passito some botrytis/peachy slight earthy light pencilly/oak lovely/perfumed classic Sauternes some complex slight volatile nose; lightly tart strong ripe/Semillon/figgy/passito some botrytis/peachy/apricotty quite sweet slight earthy/dusty very rich/lush classic Sauternes flavor; very long/lingering strong botrytis/peachy/apricotty ripe/figgy/Semillon/passito light toasty/pencilly/oak bit earthy fairly complex classic Sauternes finish; a really lovely classic Sauternes at a stupid/silly price; the equivalent of a Sauternes 2-4 X that price; lovely Sauternes that should age another 4-8 yrs; a steal at $15.00/hlf (TW)
More zizzlecapper from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Rivaner is another name for Muller-Thurgau, Germany's most widely planted grape. Tauberfranken is a Baden sub-region of Franconia & the wine comes in the traditional bocksbuetel.
2. The first two whites are pretty much the dull/vapid wines you have come to expect from SarantyImports, the importing company arm of TotalWines (which is not legal in most States); though my research has not been able to prove that ownership.
So I cracked the Ch.Miselle with very low expectations. Holy $hit.... Saranty screwed up. This is not only just a good wine but a very/very good example of a classic Sauternes. Probably some leftover/excess Sauternes of some good Sauternes Chateau. I'd love to know who actually made this wine. The Dulong property who bttld this wine for Saranty Imprts is a Calvet property.
But if you have a TotalWines in your neighborhood, you must go load up on this Ch.Miselle. This is the very first Total Wines wine I have ever recommended and the very first TotalWines I've ever tried & went back and bought more of.