Tried this Novy last week:
1. Novy Nebbiolo StolpmanVnyd/SantaYnezVlly (14.1%) SantaRosa 2007: Med.light color w/ sme bricking; beautiful floral/lilacs/violets classic mature Nebb/rose petal/spicy very light pungent/tarry fairly complex rather Gattinara/Boca nose; quite tart/tangy slight metallic/austere quite Nebb/floral/lilacs bit earthy light tarry/pungent some dried rose petal rather complex flavor w/ light bitey tannins; very long classic/mature Nebb/dried rose petals floral/lilacs rather complex finish w/ light drying tannins; quite a lovely/complex lightish fully/mature Nebb that's starting to dry out a bit on the palate; much like an aged Gattinara but not quite the soaring perfume those wines can show.
More durblefass from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I was expecing this wine to be pretty well shot. It was not. Starting to dry out on the palate & headed downhill, it still offers up plenty of pleasure.