Tried these two Nebbs last night:
1. WindGap Nebbiolo LunaMattaVnyd/PasoRobles (14 1/2%; 18 brls/420 cs) Forestville 2009: Med.light/correct Nebb color w/ some bricking; rather earthy/dusty slight PR/jammy some tarry/pungent very slight Nebb/floral/violets bit complex bit tired nose; rather tart/tangy/metallic some PR/jammy/grapey very slight Nebb/floral bit pungent/tarry rather lean/austere flavor w/ some lean/bitey tannins; barely whispers of Nebb & more of a slightly jammy old PR red; somewhat interesting but nothing like a Nebb; pretty tannic & drying out some; seen its better days.
2. Iuli Malidea Vino Rosso (13.5%; Nebbiolo; www.Iuli.It; L.LM15; IndieWines/NY) Iuli Fabrizio/Montaldo di Cerrina/Monferrato/AltoLanghe NV ('14??): Med.light/correct Nebb color w/ slight bricking; beautiful very fragrant Nebb/floral/violets/high-toned/rose petal light road tar/pungent soaring aromatics classic Piemonte nose; some tart/tangy strong Nebb/floral/violets/rose petal/spicy light tarry/pungent bit angular/austere some complex lovely Nebb flavor w/ modest tangy/bitey tannins; very long/lingering rather tart/tangy very strong floral/Nebb/violets/rose petal/high-toned slight tarry/pungent bit angular/wirey/lean lovely finish w/ modest bitey tannins; can use several yrs yet; a lovely Piemonte Nebb w/ beautiful aromatics.
More diddlekurfer from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. LunaMatta in WestSide Paso had one of two early plantings of Nebb in Paso, JohnBernardo being the other one. They put in a lot of interesting varieties & it was farmed by StephyTerrizzi. Alas, the Ahrens sold the vnyds to Daou several yrs ago & all the interesting stuff was pulled to plant Merlot & Cab.

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