Tried these two last night:
1. Brunn GrunerVeltliner DAC: Kamptal Ried Stein/Niederosterreich (13.0%; Trocken; TheArtisanCollection/NY) 2020: color; strong very spicy/GV/white pepper quite floral/gardenias slight mineral/chalky beatifully fragrant nose; fairly tart/tangy very spicy/bit pineapple/bit R-like very strong GV/floral/gardenias/white pepper slight mineral/chalky rather rich/lush some complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering very strong GV/white pepper/floral/gardenias ripe/lush some complex finish; a beautiful rich GV that performs at the Smaargd level; equivalent to most $40-$60 Austrian GV from primo producers; a steal at $21.00 (SFW&S)
2. Castelli Estate Nebbiolo GreenVlly of RRV/SonomaCnty (14.1%; Dry Farmed; Neutral Fr.oak fo 48 mo; 80 cs; Emilio & Laura Castelli/Sebastapol 2013: Med.light/correct Nebb color w/ slight bricking; beautiful very fragrant Nebb/floral/lilacs/violets/rose petal light earthy/tarry/licorice light pencilly/oak quite complex very spicy perfumed nose; quite tart/tangy very strong Nebb/floral/lilacs/rose petal/lilacs light tarry/pungent some rich/textured some complex flavor w/ modest bitey tannins; very long/lingering very strong Nebb/floral/lilacs/violets light tarry/earthy slight pencilly/oak fairly rich some complex finish w/ light bitey tannins; a beautiful Nebb w/ strong/powerful Nebb aromatics; reminds more of a Roero Nebb than AltoPiemonte. $35.00
More casstablonker from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I just ordered the new Castelli Estate Nebb '17 from Emilio, so thought I'd pull an older one from the archives. Emilio consistently makes one of the best Nebbs in Calif & this is a very good example of them.
Emilio started out w/ a tiny Nebb vnyd in the front of his house. He convinced a friend to plant Nebb on a nearby vnyd a few miles down the road. He has taken over the operation of this vnyd & it is now part of his Estate Nebb.
Emilio is one of the few who farms by Fukuoka in Calif. I rib him a lot that his vnyd is the ugliest in all Calif. It would be vastly improved cosmetically by a judicious application of RoundUp!!