Tried this Natural white w/ Susan this weekend:
1. Rennersistas Intergalactic Burgenland WW (12%; Macerated: 8 hrs to 12 days; MuskatOttonell/Chard/GV/PinotBlanc/WelschRiesling; Natural Wine; TessBryantSlctns/Cazadero/CA; Weingut Renner/Gols/Austria 2020: quite cloudy w/ loads of tiny frothy bubbles; rather phenolic/VM/resiny/quite cidery rather earthy slight floral/muscatty slight funky/natty nose; rather frothy/frizzante rather spoiled apple cidery strong VM/phenolic/skin-contact slight muscatty/floral rather funky/natty/earthy/loamy flavor w/ slight tannic bite; long quite spoiled apple cider rather VM/phenolic/skin-contact slight muscatty/floral finish; clearly a natural wine & all that goes w/ that genre; a bit too funky/natty for my taste; lots of spoiled cider character; almost a pet-nat; cleans up much of the natty character overnight. $31.00 (KK)
More giffersplat from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Never heard of the TessBryant Slctns before. She specializes in natural wines. Her portfolio has a lot of producers that I've neer heard of.