Tried these three Georgian wines over the weekend:
1. Signagi Dry Amber Mtsvane (11-14%; 6 mo. maceration in 4 Qvervi; BlackLambWine/Oakland; Shavi K'Ravi Kahuri/Georgia 2020: Deep golden/some browning/bronze color; quite phenolic/VM/resiny/rather cidery some oxidative/sherry slight floral/fruity rather earthy/bit loamy somewhat mousey/natty/unclean/bretty rather unattractive nose; quite tart/tangy some oxidative some natty/mousey/oxidative/sherry rather phenolic/VM/resiny little fruit fairly tannic/austere/metallc pretty unattractive flavor w/ some tannic bite; long rather austere/tannic/some oxidative some unclean/bretty/natty some phenolic/VM/resiny/cidery little fruit rather hard/austere unattractive finish; a rather hard/austere/harsh/natty VM. $27.50 (KK)
2. PapariVlly Chinuri-Rkatsiteli Amber Wine 3 Qvevri Terraces (12.5%; 3 mo. on skins in qvervi; U; BlackLambWine/Oakland) Shalva Kurdadzee/Kakheti/Georgia 2020: Amber/burnished bronze color; some phenolic/VM/resiny quite stony/flinty/chalky/Rkats bit flinty/metallic slight grapey/fruity interesting nose; fairly tart/tangy rather tannic quite stony/chalky/metallic some VM/phenolic/resiny little fruit rather austere flavor; long quite austere bit tannic some VM/phenolic/resiny quite stony/chalky/bit metallic little fruit finish; not at all oxidative; a rather hard/austere/fairly tannic not very attractive white; much better w/ food than to taste on its own. $31.50 (KK)
3. Akhmeta Dry Red Wine Saperavi Budeshuri (11%-14%; Made in 2 Kvevri; BlackLambWine/Oakland) Shavi K'Ravi Kahuri/Georgia 2021: Very dark/black coler of AlicanteBouschet; intense grapey/earthy/some loamy some fragrant/floral/boysenberry/jammy bit chocolaty bit complex nose; soft very rich/lush rather hard/tannic/rough/coarse intense grapey/boysenberry/blackberry/chocolaty quite rough/coarse/earthy/loamy flavor w/ ample hard/rough tannins; very long quite coarse/earthy/loamy intense grapey/boysenberry rather hard/tannic finish w/ ample coarse tannins; a dead ringer for an AlicanteBouschet; this is how JohnAlban would make Saperavi if he could. $27.49 (KK)
More siggerslop from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Saperavi is a tenturier grape much like AlicanteBouschet. It is a variety native to & mostly found in the Caucasus, but mostly in Georgia. It was brought to the FingerLakes by KonstantinFrank in 1924, where it has enjoyed some success.
I rather liked the wine for its intense grapey character.
2. Black Lamb is an Oakland based importer specializing in natural & low-intervention wines, mostly from Georgia & Slovenia, but also other places as well, including Clos Saron in Calif. Their portfolio includes mostly producers I have never heard of. As Paul&Martha bring in more of these wine into NM, I'm sure I'll be trying more of their wines. With very low expectations.