Tried this last night for my red:
1.Ch.Feuillet Torrette Dd'OP: Valle d'Aosta (13.5%; 90% PetiteRouge/10% Mayolet; Lotto 07/19; KermitLynchWines/Berkeley) Maurizio Fiorano/Ch.Feuillet/St.Pierre 2018: Med.dark color; strong very fragrant floral/Alpine red/violets/lilacs/edelweiss light earthy/dusty slight mineral quite perfumed lovely Alpine red nose; lightly tart very perfumed/floral/edelweiss/violets/lilacs light earthy/dusty/mineral rather complex flavor w/ light tangy tannins; bit tart/tangy very strong floral/lilacs/violets/edelweiss bit mineral/earthy/licorice fairly complex finish w/ light tannins; a lovely fairly rich classic perfumed Alpine red at a very fair price. $28.00 (KK)
More fizzerplak from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Ch.Feuillet makes some of the best wines coming out of the Val d'Aosta. The wine is usually primarily from the native Petite Rouge grape, at least 70%.