Tried these two new Matthiassons over the last few days:
1. Matthiasson Falaghina LostSloughVnyd/Clarksburg (13.0%) Napa 2021: Very pale yellow color; light stony/chalky very light floral/carnations slight perfumed talc rather vapid nose; quite tart/tangy very light floral/carnations light earthy/chalky/perfumed talc slight tangy/metallic very grapefruity rather vapid flavor; med.long tart/tangy slight metallic/tangy very light floral/carnations quite vapid/eviscerated finish; not really watery but pretty much lacking in aromatics or flavors; rather vapid & very much an Oakland wine; quite disappointing ; may improve some w/ age but don't bet the farm on it. $44.00
2. Matthiasson RibollaGialla MatthiassonVnyd/NapaVlly (11.0%) Napa 2020: Med.dark gold color; fairly strong resiny/phenolic/VM/skin-contact some RG/floral/white pepper/spicy nose; very tart/tangy/acidic very strong VM/phenolic/resiny bit orangey very slight RG/white pepper very austere/rather tannic somewhat lean/hard flavor w/ some tangy tannins; very long/lingering quite austere/lean/rather tannic slight RG/white peppery some orangey finish w/ some tangy tannins; a quite severe/lean/austere/saline/savory RG that is no fun to drink now; needs at least 5-10 yrs to show its stuff; should be a good one. $49.00
More ribberstotz from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The Falanghina is a new wine for Steve. Falanghina is not a very interesting wine in its own right. When when made in Steve's style of winemaking, it has even less interesting character. Because it has more alcohol than you usually find in Steve's whites, I had some hopes it might be more interesting. Alas, was not to be.
Steve makes his Ribolla w/ lots of skin-contact. Upon release, they are usually rather severe w/ lots of VM/resiny character. This RG was very much in that style. However, I have little doubt, like they usually do, this will evolve into a very interesting RG in 5-10 yrs and will show a richness & lushness that belies its anemic alcohol level.