Tried these two last night:
1. ArbeGarbe RRV WW (14.1%; 70% Malvasia/15% Chard/15% Tocai; Catie'sCorner & PaganiRanch vnyds; St.Helena 2020: Light gold color; very strong MalvasiaBianco/floral/light muscattyslight chalky/stony/mineral slight steely quite perfumed lovely nose; rather tart/tangy slight metallic/steely strong perfumed/Malvasia/bit muscatty/floral light mineral/chalky bit complex lovely flavor; very long/lingering strong Malvasia/floral/slight muscatty light chalky/mineral slight earthy/metallic/steely some complex finish; quite a lovely white w/ loads of aromatics. $35.00
2. Clio Dd'OP: Jumilla (16%; 70% Monastrel/30% CabSauv; GilFamilyEstates) Bodegas ElNido/Mencia/Jumilla/Espana 2020: Very dark color; very intense Mourv/plummy/blackberry/boysenberry/very ripe strong toasty/Fr.oak bit alcoholic/fumey some earthy/dusty/OV quite intense/ripe/late harvesty nose; bit soft rather hot/alcoholic/fumey intense boysenberry/Mourv/plummy strong toasty/Fr.oak rather overblown/overripe/blowsey flavor w/ ample ripe tannins; very long soft/soupy rather overripe/plummy/Mourv/boysenberry rather hot/fumey/alcoholic bit earthy/dusty/OV strong toasty/Fr.oak finish w/ ample ripe/soft tannins; a very overripe/blowsey intens Mourv that became very boring very fast; should get another 4-8 yrs but not going to develop much. $50.00 (SFW&S)
More likkerfronz from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. ArbeGarbe (Wild Weed) is the wnry of Letizia Pauletto & Enrico Bertoz. Both hail from Friuli and ArbeGarbe focuses on Friuli-style wines. Enrico was originally the winemaker at Nonino, the Friuli producer of the best grappas made in Italy. He is now the winemaker at Flora Springs.
I was quite taken by this latest ArbeGarbe. It is made from mostly Malvasia Bianco, the floozy cousin to Malvasia d'Istriana. Malvasia Bianca usually makes an in-your-face very perfumed white, usually finished off-dry to sweet. Much like a Muscat Alexandria but not quite so blowsy. This ArbeGarbe was not as intensely perfumed as most Malvasias and had a chalky minerality that was not too unlike a Malvasia d'Istriana from Fruli, which I regard as the greatest expression of Malvasia.
Quite a lovely white.
2. Clio: Michael at Susan's Fine Wine was very excited that he got a few btls in of this wine. I reluctantly bought a btl to try. It is definitely an Amarone expression of Mourv. It became very tiring to drink after the first glass because of the alcohol & the intensity. Not a style of wine I much care for anymore. But it's the kind of wine that gives Monktown attourneys wet dreams.