Tried these wines last night:
1. Kruger-Rumpf Riesling Nahe (11.5%; VDP Gutswein; Q; A.P.Nr.7 702 089 009 22; SkurnikWines/NY) Weingut Kruger-Rumpf/Munster-Sarmsheim/Nahe 2021: Light gold color; strong floral/R/mango some chalky/mineral/steely quite attractive classic R nose; slight spritz/dissolved CO2 on front of palate; quite tart/tangy/bit steely some mineral/flinty some R/floral/mango quite dry bit austere/steely rather attractive flavor; long rather mineral/steely/flinty some mango/R/floral totally dry quite tart/tangy rather austere/metallic finish; a rather lean/dry/austere Nahe R that needs 5-10 yrs of age; pleasant R but should improve. $20.00 (SFW&S)
No BloodyPulpit today.