Tried these two last night:
1. Drew Viognier ValentiRanch MendoRidge (12.7%; Elk 2020: Pale gold color; quite fragrant pear/Viog/floral/gardenias some perfumed talc lightly spicy/cardamon slightly herbal quite lovely restrained nose; fairly tart/tangy totally dry bright/brisk strong pear/quince/Viog/floral/gardenias light perfumed talc/mineral/chalky quite pretty flavor; very long fairly tart/tangy strong pear/quince/Viog/floral elegant/bright finish; not at all lean/eviscerated & plenty of bright Viog flavors; way far from DollyParton territory; quite a pretty expression of Viog. $48.00/$40.80
2. CedarvilleVnyds Viognier Estate/ElDorado (14.1%; 180 cs) JonathanLachs/Fairplay/ElDorado 2021: Light gold color; very strong lush/floral/gardenias/Viog/pear/lemon some earthy/ElD/chalky much more ripe very attractive nose; lightly tart rather rich/lush ripe/Viog/very floral/gardenias/some pear light earthy/chalky some spicy slight pencilly/oakvery perfumey lovely flavor; very long/lingering ripe/Viog/floral/gardenias fairly spicy/bit nutmeg light pencilly/oak bit earthy finish; much richer/lusher/more intense flavor but still far away from DollyParton territory; much more than just a pretty face Viog; te ElDorado terroir comes thru; an elegant/polished Viog that will benefit from a few yrs of age. $26.00
More vittasnort from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Both of these are two of my favorite Viognier producers. They make their Viogniers in more of a restrained/elegant style that avoids DollyParton territory. I slightly preferred to Cedarville because of its richer flavors, but the Drew is also a very/very pretty expression of Viog.