Tried this new release last night:
1. Ridge GrenacheBlanc HalterRanch/AdelaidaDist/PasoRobles (13.4%; 76% GrenacheBlanc/24% Picpoul; 26 brls; bttld Aug 2022; Drk: 5/22-5/27: TG) Cupertino 2021: Med.light gold color; strong GB/honeysuckle/floral/ light apple/pear light pencilly/oak quite fragrant/perfumed lovely nose; some tart/tangy fairly rich rather floral/GB/honeysuckle/carnations slight stony/chalky light pencilly/oak bit apple/pear/spicy quite attractive flavor; very long/lingering strong honeysuckle/GB/floral/carnations some apple/pear slight stony/chalky light pencilly/oak finish; not as rich/lush as previous versions and showing more restraint/elegance/subtle but still plenty of fruit & speaks strongly of GB; a lovely expression of GB; this is how they'd make GB on MB Ridge if they could. $34.00 (ATP)
More flockerspurt from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. This marks the first drink window put up by Trester Goetting, head winemaker at the MonteBello wnry. I've not yet met him but hope to one of these days.