Saw a writeup the other day om a NMV&WSociety Blg praising the Amaro NM wines, so gave two of them a shot:
1. AmaroWnry GWT NM Dry (11%-14%; LasCruces/NM 2020: Pale yellow color; lightly fragrant GWT/floral/cheap hair oi slight spicy/nutmeg bit earthy bit rustic not very high-toned nose; rather soft/underacid off-dry (0.3%-0.5% r.s.) light GWT/hair oil/floral rather vapid/watery/washed-out/weak slight earthy/loamy/rustic flavor; rather short soft/fat very light GWT/hair oil rather washed-out/vapid/watery finish; speaks of GWT w/ a whisper; a pretty vapid expression of GWT. $14.00 (SFW&S)
2. AmaroWnry Mission NM (13.2%) LasCruces 2016: Light ruby color; some earthy/loamy lightly grapey/raspberry/spicy pleasant nose; fairly soft rather grapey/raspberry rather earthy/loamy/rustic somewhat watery/vapid/dilute flavor w/ light tannins; short soft lightly grapey/raspberry/rustic rather weak/watery finish w/ light tannins; a pleasant/simple red but on the vapid/watery side. $12.00 (SFW&S)
More farkleslobr from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. This is a winry located in downtown LasCruces & purchasing its grapes in Southern NM. Winemaker is Bernd Maier, who moved to NM in 1983 from the Baden-Baden region of Germany:
The wnry indicates several WebSites, but none of them seem to exist. Mostly the winery's presence is on FaceBook as best I can tell.
There is some very old-vine Mission vnyds in Southern NM where this Mission was probably sourced from. But danged if I could pick up any OV character in this wine.