Tried this wine w/ Virgil&Alice down in NOLA last week:
1. Aransat (Orange) Vino Bianco d'Italia (13%; Fermentazione Lenta; PinotGris+SuvBlanc; 30 days or 90 days skin contact;CommunalBrands/LongIslandCity/NY; L.A21) Borgo Savaian di Bastiani Stefano/Cormons/Gorizia NV (2021?): Deep golden color; rather orangey/honeyed/graham cracker/honey grahams lightly floral/PG rather fragrant/spicy quite attractive nose w/ light phenolic/resiny character; fairly tart/tangy light phenolic/resiny fairly orangey/honeyed/honey grahams/graham crackers light floral/carnations/PG flavor w/ light tannins bite; very long light phenolic/VM/skin-contact some orangey/honeyed/honey grahams light floral/PG/carnations finish; a very drinkable very attractive expression of VM at a very good price. $18.00 (MWC)
More pripperrot from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I did my honeymoon in NOLA back in 1971. It was not a good scene & foretold of things to come. Did all the standard tourist things (Cafe du Monde/Morning Call/Gallitoire's/Commander'sPalace/Antoines/CentralGrocery Mufaletta/etc). I was recently into wines and heard good things about Martin'sWineCellars, so made the pilgrimage there. Bought a few btls there & had to throw out some underwear to make room in my suitcase for them. Had I been smarter, should have thrown out the wife instead.
When we visited Virgil & Alice for two days, two of Susan's friends from her Libya days, he took me by the new Martin's for old-time's sake. When the clerk approached me to offer hs help, I asked him if he had any ViniMacerati. After his puzzled look, I corrected it to skin-contact whites. He led me to the 4 on the shelf & this was one I'd not heard of, but its Friuli origins attracted me. Given its youth & the length of skin-contact, I was expecting a much more phenolic/resiny character, but the wine was actually pretty precocious.
Fermentazione Lenta indicates a slow or M-L fermentation.

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