An interesting article in today's GrapeCollective:
GrapeCollective:Josko Gravner .

Too bad his wines are so fritefully expensive...but they cost a lot to make.
His latest idea is to use glass tanks to mature his wines. But not based on anything but his intuition after seeing a glass swimming pool in Dubai. I guess we'll find out.
The article is rather interesting in that it gives a lot of his insight into the evolution of his winemaking philosophy.
Not surprisingly, he dislikes the term "orange" wine and much prefers the use of "amber" wine. Maybe somebody should introduce him to Bobby Stuckey's term "vini macerati". Some of te Nation's foremost wine critics far prefer use of that term. :-)
I've had a couple of Gravner's wines, but that was long ago in the early stages of his winemaking evolution.