Shared these two last night w/ Susan:
1. Fio Fabelhaft Riesling Mosel (11.0%; Q, A.P.Nr. 2596 749 001; trocken;; SkurnikWines/NY) Piesport/Mosel 2020: Pale yellow color w/ lots of tiny bubbles clinging to the sides of the glass; fairly fragrant strong flinty/Mosel/R/steely light R/floral/mango rather pleasant classic Mosel nose; very tart/tangy quite flinty/steely/metallic quite austere/lean/rather pichedd but not vapid quite dry slight R/floral/mango bit simple flavor; med.long quite dry quite steely/flinty/metallic rather lean/austere/very tangy/acid slight R/floral/mango finish; quite lean/pinched/bit watery but may develop into something inteesting...or may not...certainly has the acidity to. $17.00 (SFW&S)
2. Rimbert Vin Orange VdF WW Frenchy Orange Wine Languedoc/Roussillon(12.5%; GrenacheBlanc/Marsanne/Rolle; 7 days on skins; Jenny&Francois Slctns/NY/NY) NV (2021): Rather orange bit amber color; rather dusty/earthy lightly floral/carnations/marigolds/bit pungent slight perfumed talc interesting nose w/ little VM character; bit tart slightly rich/lush some earthy/dusty light spicy/cherry/appley rather pleasant clean flavor; med.long rather earthy/dusty some appley/cherry finish w/ little tannins; reminds more of a PinotNoir Blanc more than anything; lacks much in the fruit arena. $19.00 (AV)
More ratskipoop from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The Fie was kind of a strange beast. Came in a Bdx btl rather than a classic Mosel btl. The label was very much not a classic German label, but a rather modern/fussy kind of label. Apparently the Niepoorts were involved in this wine.
I would have to describe this as a rather furztrocken wine.
2. Both of these wines come from importers who specialize in Natural wines. Both of them seldom show a natty character that render them undrinkable. More like natty-lite. Both of these wines showed no natural/natty character whatsoever. So you can make non-mousey natural wines if you know what you're doing.

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