We had these three reds at our tasting at Pig+Fig on Wed:
1. Bedrock Zin NomaVnyd/Lodi (14.5%; own-rooted; Y=1/2 ton/acre) 2021: Very dark color; very strong ripe/blackberry/boysenberry/Zin/fairly spicy some Lodi/earthy/mushroomy bit licorice quite attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy very strong blackberry/boysenberry/Zin/ripe/quite spicy/bit licorice balanced flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long/lingeringintense spicy/blackberry/boysenberry/very spicy Zin light Lodi/earthy/mushroomy finish w/ light tannins; an excellent Lodi Zin w/ good acidity & balance; speaks lightly of Lodi but not the soft/soupy character those Zins often show; an excellent expression of Lodi Zin. $39.00
2. Bedrock Carignan EvangelhoVnyd/ContraCostaCnty (14.0%; own-rooted) 2021: Very dark/near black color; very strong black cherry/Carignane/cherry/boysenberry light earthy bit mushroomy/CCCnty light toasty/oaksome complex lovely nose; lightly tart very rich/lush/licorice stroong black cherry/cherry/Carignane/boysenberry light toasty/oak bit earthy/mushroomy/CCCnty flavor w/ modest tangy tannins; very long/lingering strong Carignane/black cherry light toasty/oak light earthy/CCCnty finish w/ modest tannins; lots of fairly bright fruit for CCCnty Carignane w/ light CCCnty mushroomy character; can use several yrs of age; not the rough/coarse character Carignane can often show. $36.00
3. Bedrock PatoVnyd Heritage ContraCostaCnty RW (14.5%; own-rooted; Plntd: 1906) 2021: Very dark color; strong blackberry/boysenberry/spicy Zin/some plummy Mourv bit licorice strong CC/plummy/bit mushroomy light toasty/oak bit rustic some complex nose; lightly tart/tangy strong plummy/blackberry/boysenberry/Mataro some earthy/mushroomy/CC bit rustic flavor w/ light earthy/rustic tannins; very long some CC/earthy/mushroomy strong blackberry/plummy/boysenberry/ripe/Zin/Mataro w/ light bit coarse tannins; quite a lovely expression of CCCnty/Mataro/Zin. $39.00
More carpolgana from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. These 2021 reds from Bedrock all showed a lot of classic Bedrock character. These three are some of their lesser reds but were quite good. Pretty much an outstanding release. Zin notes to follow.