Tried this new Kermit Lynch wine on Sat night:
1. Vigne Rada Arsenale DOC: Alghero Cagnulari (13.5%;; KermitLynchImprts/Berkeley) Gino Bardino/Sassari/Sardinia 2018: Very dark color fading towards the edges; strong spicy/grapey/blackberry/black cherry/bit boysenberry bit licorice rather Graciano-like quite aromatic slight earthy/dusty very attractive nose; slightly soft some tangy/tannic strong blackberry/boysenberry/bit licorice/black cherry cola/Graciano-like some earthy/dusty/slight rustic quite structured bit saline/savory some complex flavor w/ ample rather hard/chewey tannins; ; very long/lingering very rich/lush strong spicy/blackberry/boysenberry/black cherry/bit licorice slight RCCola/spicy very light toasty/oak fairly perfumed quite structured rather savory some complex finish w/ ample chewey tannins; better than most Rioja Gracianos and has much more structure & richness; needs 4-10 yrs of age yet; a serious world-class reddoesn't have the coarse/rustic character on many Sardinian reds; next day it had lost a bit of the Calif-like fruit & showed more tannic/rustic/Sardinian character; a world-class red & a real discovery. $31.50 (KK)

More sardoetsy from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Cagnulari is claimed to be a rare grape variety of Sardinia. It is widely accepted to be the same grape variety as Graciano in Rioja, where it is also claimed to have originated there. I was not able the find any DNA evidence that they are one in the same grape. This is a producer I'd never heard of, but his vnyds are in NW Sardinia and the vnyds are along the coast, perched high above the Mediterrean with spectacular views. He also makes a Vermentino that I would love to try.
I stumbled across this wine last Fri at Kokomans and had no idea where it was from or what it was like. But it was a Kermit Lynch wine which offers some assurance it was good.
One of my favorite Gracianos is that of LouisaLindquist's Verdad Wnry in ArroyoGrande. It shows a lot of Graciano perfume, much bigger than most Spanish versions, & not the rusticity those often show. It is a world-class Graciano. When I first smelled & tasted this Cagnulari, it immediately reminded me of Louisa's Graciano.
This wine was a real discovery.