Tried these two lightweights over the weekend:
1. LasJaras Slipper SippersNoveau OldVines NorthCoast Natural Wine (12%; 74% Valdiguie/18% PetiteSirah/8% Zin; SaH: 20 Brix; RS: 0.1%; Joel Burt & Eric Wareheim/Sebastapol 2022: Med.light color; strong grapey/BojoNoveau/quite fruity bit strawberry aromatic slight earthy pretty nose; quite tart bright/grapey/fruity/Gamay-like rather Noveau/fruity bit earthy flavor w/ light rough tannins; med.long quite tart rather grapey/fruity fairly BojoNoveau/CarbonicMaceration some earthy finish w/ light tannins; lots of grapey rather earthy characte but not the bannana oil/CM very fruity character of French Bojo Noveau; not a genre I much care for but at least it's clean & no natty/funky character. $23.50 (KK)
2. Idlewild Grignolino FoxHillVnyd/MendoCnty (12.2%; 2020: Very light/near rose/light garnet color; lovely very fragraant/cherry/strawberry/Grigno light earthy/dusty quite pretty nose; light perfumed/strawberry/cherry/Grigno rather tannic/lean/austere some earthy/dusty flavor w/ light gritty tannins; long rather lean/hard/tannic some cherry/Grigno/strawberry finish w/ light bitey tannins; lots of pretty Grigno character but hard/tannic on the palate; not sure that age will benefit this wine.
More fittlekarp from the BloodyPulpit:
1. I had the Idlewild when it was first released & liked it quite a lot. But the tannins seem to be coming to the forefront now & not sure age will help it. Quite a lovely Grigno nose but seems pretty hard on the palate now.